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These sports-themed Barbie® doll and playsets inspire kids to go for their dreams with working features that score big! Choose from a gymnastics set and an ice skating set. Each includes Barbie® doll, a toddler student, a piece of working sports equipment -- a balance beam or an ice skating rink -- and accessories to play out a practice or a competition. Use is easy. Simply snap the gymnast toddler doll into the clip on the balance beam and slide the knob for a smooth routine or the ice-skating toddler doll into the clip in the skating rink and push the button to see her spin. Barbie® doll is ready to coach in trendy athletic wear, and accessories like a gym bag, water bottle, trophy and unique piece encourage storytelling.


  • ​Practice, practice, practice and dream big with Barbie® sports playsets that come with two dolls -- Barbie® coach doll and a small student doll -- plus a working piece and accessories to play out rehearsals and performances!
  • ​Young ice skaters get playtime in motion with an ice-skating base that twirls the skater; simply snap the small doll's leg into the clip on the "ice" and push the button to see her spin -- so cool! Help her practice again and again!
  • ​Reward a solid routine with the trophy, and take it home in the pink gym bag.
  • ​The small ice skater doll wears a shimmery pink performance costume and white ice skates; her coach Barbie® doll helps her student perfect her moves wearing a colorful sweatshirt, black leggings and her own white ice skates.
  • ​Pick one profession or try them all because when a girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines everything she can become.