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Keep your pets looking their best with the mobile pet groomer You can wash, Brush, style, and trim your furry friend to have him looking better than ever


  • The car is equipped with a trailer hitch and is NOT RC compatible.
  • The roof is removable.
  • There are seats for two figures in the vehicle (child figures can be seated as passengers).
  • All grooming tools and the folding table, as well as the poodle and the groomer can be stored inside the vehicle.
  • At the edge of the folding table, you can attach a rotating support rod for the dog leash, the towel holder, and a basket for the grooming accessories.-The set contains tools for washing, drying, brushing, styling, trimming, and cutting for either fur or dental care.
  • The head of the poodle can be moved up and down, while the hind legs can be folded into the sitting position.
  • The attachable fur pieces (head and back fur, paw and tail fur) can be removed and thus be cut while grooming as part of the game.-The head fur can be embellished side with a decorative accessory.
  • In the two-piece box you can store the four different decorative accessories, each of which is contained in pairs.
  • Ages: 4+