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Time is against you. You know what you want to say - if only you could find the words. But some things in life are strictly Taboo®.
How do you get your team to say "DOT" when you can't say "COM", "TWISTER", "SPOT", "JOIN" or "POLKA"?
You'll need imagination, skill and speed to win: you could say things like "In the centre of a target... on top of an 'i'... used a lot on email addresses and the internet".
If your team guesses the word, you get the points. But your opponents are always looking over your shoulder, watching your every move. Say a word that's on their hit list and you'll be censored.
That's TABOO - The game of UNSPEAKABLE Fun!

• A game for 4 or more players.

Contents: 252 Taboo cards, 1 timer, 1 scorepad, 1 Taboo squeaker and instructions.